About Bara

Baraton and Helderberg are two contrast beautiful places in Kenya and South Africa. We were in Baraton from October 28, 2007 - July 12, 2012 at the University of Eastern Africa in Baraton-  Kenya, and found the place is very beautiful. It was like stepping into the paintings of Thomas Kinkade. I took a lot of pictures and then decided to create a blog for this beautiful place, my wife had opened a facebook account where she also creates many albums about our life in Baraton and Helderberg.

We arrived in Helderberg the same day we left Baraton and found that this part of Africa is totally different from Baraton. Our house is located at the foot of Helderberg mountain, and from the front porch we can see the beach-Strand which is about fifteen minutes drive.  They say you can enjoy four seasons in one day here at Helderberg and it is true, but it is also another type of beauty and challenge for us to work as missionary here in South Africa.

In our spare time, besides our busy schedule we would like to share our stories and pictures in this blog.

Cape Town 

Devil's peak
The memorial tomb of Colonialist, and founder of  Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and
De Beer diamond company Cecil John Rhodes

Sunset and full moon at Table mountain

Catching the sun at Signal Hill
Evening walk at Firgrove
Sunset at the Strand
The Lion head
Stellenbosch vineyard
Camphor avenue, Kristenbosch botanical garden

The end of a perfect day 

The following photo essay describes how we end our day in Baraton

 Baraton farm field is our favorite spot to enjoy the sunset... vast green pastures,
blue hills and the eucalyptus tree are the land mark ..
a place that soothes our souls, where the Divine presence feels so close and warm
The turtle doves welcomed us as we enter the field
Then I captured a moving object which was actually workers
collecting grass feed for the farm animals
It was John Biwot and his two friends
It was around 18:30 when I took this picture
He said they have been working since 11:00 morning to cut and collect the grass

They agreed to take a picture with me before we end the day

We left the place at around 18:45
Then I ended my perfect day with a picture of the sunset.

Life in Bara
The following pictures are the random pictures from our Baraton campus activities for the month of March  activities for second semester 2012
The Njagis and the Miyayos visited us after the church on
Sabbath March 24, 2012. And we had lunch together

The funny expression of Dr. William Ondari.
A brilliant man with sharp and straight criticism though sometimes the truth does not
come to be easily agreeable for the ears of the listeners.
Chatting between the break of MBA thesis defend
A pose with Elkanah Maina- an MBA student, accounting staff but also our out reach collegue.
A picture taken  by my wife while waiting the school van to take us
 for the Outreach program to Maseno University in Kisumu about two hours drive from our campus.
Enjoy the bright smile of a handsome and healthy baby
Address the group of the SDA Maseno university students
 during the afternoon Adventist Youth program

Taking Bill our nephew to Mlango Falls 

Beautiful tree in Baraton savannah 

Bizman intersemester program: 
Decorating the Church for the Sabbath of Week of spiritual emphasize (WOSE)
Jeffrey Nyandoro - Bizman president, Bizman officers & members and Mrs. Lenda Nangoy - the coordinator of UEAB Church florists made special flower arrangements for the Sabbath of Week of Prayer which was conducted by Pastor Alex Malayi.
Using the flowers and plants from the campus surrounding area, which was collected by the Management students, the group was able to make a small garden and several beautiful arrangements. 
The following pictures are from the group activities while doing the flower arrangement.

Kibabet cave and waterfall
This is an amazing nature beauty, just about 30 minutes drive from our campus with additional walk for more than one hour through a very muddy uphill road.  From Kibabet viewpoint we may enjoy the beauty of the surrounding hills and green tea plantations.
Down the Kibabet view point there are two water falls and a cave.

Enjoy cold and beautiful white Baraton
The following pictures showed how we enjoyed the cold white Baraton after a big hail storm. Most of us seemed to enjoy the sudden change from green to white. Everybody was just coming out with their cameras or cellular-phones and busy taking pictures. We also took many pictures with our students and friends.

Management Seniors' Party
Sunday, June 19, 2011 Bizzman Club with their new officers and sponsor arranged a party for all management seniors who are planning to graduate this coming July 24. At about 4:00 pm  I joined the students at the auditorium to arrange the tables and decorated the room, while my wife attended the ladies cooking the meal at our house. Unfortunately Linda could not join the program. 
The following pictures are from the Bizzman-seniors' party, with Dr. Fred Amimo UEAB Deputy Vice Chancellor as the honorable quest.
chapati, rice, beans stew, nyama, kuku and of course soda.
Bara beauties
bollywood table
Poem for the seniors
decorating seniors' table
Mercy and Kate, a pause for picture taking while decorating
Bizzman new officers-Jeffrey, Mercy, Obadiah, Maureen, Allan, Caroline and Seth
team who prepared seniors' party
Bollywood has Dev Patel, UEAB has Vrajesh (far left) and Ankur (far right) both are also Patel.
Just like Dev, both must be accompanied by beautiful ladies, and I am lucky to be in the middle.

Mangore, Bosire and Haji?
Ali and partner, I called him ABUNAWAS
Shabram sisters with Pauline, Linda and Joy

Dawn at Bara
Sunset is mostly beautiful, but waking up early cold morning and watched the misty breaking sun dawn is another surprise we enjoyed here in Bara.
Whatever challenges we had it here as missionary, GOD's love proves to be more powerful than all those challenges

Sunset at Bara
After a hectic working day I decided to find a quiet place to release the burden of the day. I took my digital camera and went to the farm. 
It was just the right time when the birds were also heading home. 
The sky, the field, the trees and even the grass were so gorgeous. 
What a wonderful peace and joy to be in nature and overwhelmed by the presence of those heavenly beings.

The white ibis are heading home

 Seven African turtle doves and seventeen ibises- both are primary numbers
Beautiful heavenly beings
Half of the plowing field, the sky is so overwhelming gorgeous
There's always song to sing
Even the sky testifies of His love
Brave and solitary lumber

Bara hidden beauty
Most of us will always think that Africa must be dry and hot. That was also our first impression, before we came to Africa. However, all was changed after we came to Baraton. This place is always green and cool, if not cold especially during the rainy season. Located at the 2000 meters altitude, Baraton always surprises us many of its hidden beauty. Today, I was very surprised to find beautiful flowers blooming in Bara botanical garden. The scenery is like the spring pictures in US or Europe, but in fact it is in Africa.

 Our green and beautiful campus

The front part of UEAB- enter from the left-side is the gate 

Humanity building and Admin. Building entrance,
Administration building
Side walk from Ad. Building to Cafeteria and Auditorium
From the gate to University fountain between Humanity and Admin building
Mwalimu Drive- road for the faculty houses
Guidance/counseling, cafeteria and library taken from Admin. building
In front of Ladies dorm
Titani (Malawian), Oriko ( Kenyan)- Picture taken at the center between Library and Auditorium
Sabbath school discussion under the warm sunshine
Soccer field and track-field

The following pictures show the beautiful scenery of Masai Land.